Where does the data come from?

The City of Winnipeg publishes a sales book which displays house sales information. Currently they offer data from 2010 - 2014.

Who made this site?

Nick Verwymeren, a Winnipeg based freelance web developer.

Why only Winnipeg?

Currently Winnipeg is one of the few cities that makes sales data public information. We hope in the future that other cities will follow so we can provide their real estate sales data as well.

Some houses have a percentage, what does that mean?

If we have multiple sale prices for a home we determine how much the house increased/decreased in value since the initial sale price. We take inflation into account, which is why if a house is sold for the original purchase price, you might see a negative value.

Can I filter by price, bedroom, sq ft. etc.?

Currently we do not offer that functionality. We hope to include these features in the future.

Can I advertise on your site?

Of course! We currently use Google adsense to manage advertising. You'll need an adwords account and you can target our website using these instructions.